Self Portrait-The Crowd 7.8”x3” Acrylic, conté, oil pastel on cigarette case 2017

 From the beginning of my stay in New York, I collected every cigarette pack I finished. During the three years I've spent in New York, I've met numerous people of different races, ethnicities, personalities, occupations, and have been drawing them on the flattened cigarette packs. The selfportraits seen on the packs are simultaneously of the characters I've come across and of myself. Although none are identical, I find a piece of myself in each portrait, allowing myself to become each person, and each person to become me. These cigarette packs serve as a record of three years of myself and you, here in New York.

Selfportrait-The Crowd Acrylic, conte, oil pastel on cigarette case piece of 260



Suena Kim

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